Natural animal care

Natural care products for pets.
Organic Herb Pack makes skin clean and healthy.

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Animal Ayurveda Products

Beauty & Health Herb Pack – Focusing on the Beauty of the Finish.

The coating power on the coat is the strongest, so it is highly effective in preventing matting.
Maintaining healthy skin environment to prevent skin issues.

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Doctor’s Health Herb Pack – Focusing on the Maintenance of the Skin.

Recommended for oily skin, where odor and stickiness return immediately after washing.

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Moisture Health Herb Pack – Focusing on the Moisture on the Skin and Coat

Contains Aloe Vera gel that is recommended for seasons when dry itching, dandruff, and static electricity are a concern.

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Beauty Oil – Prevents Dandruff and Makes a Glossy Hair

Based on Sesame Oil with Rich Vitamin E. Contains Herbal Essence that has High Detergent Effect.

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Skin Butter – Intensive Care on Rough Skin

Made by Extra Antibacterial Herbal Essences and Pure Organic Coconut Oil & Sesame Oil.

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Trial Kit – To feel the effects of Herb Pack

One time trial set for small sized dog. Easy way to experience the effects of Herb Pack.

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Herb Allergy

Usage of this product on pets with an allergy to plant-based products and sever skin problems may experience itchiness or irritation on the skin.
In the case your pet may have allergies and sensitive skin, test out the small portion first before using on the whole body.

*Patch Testing* Apply the herbal paste on the belly and wait for 10 min.
Wash off the paste and check for any reactions.