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Organic Herb Pack makes skin clean and healthy.

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Moisture Health Herb Pack – Focusing on the Moisture on the Skin and Coat

Contains Aloe Vera gel that is recommended for seasons when dry itching, dandruff, and static electricity are a concern.

Moisturizing skin and hair

Aloe-vela gives rich moisture to the skin and coat. It works well dry coat and skin, soothing of sunburned skin, and making stiff/dry hair soft in texture.
Especially good for dry weather when the skin and coat lack of moisture.

Protects against static electricity

Gives extra moisture and prevents dirt sticking from the static electricity. Keeps the coat with long-lasting beauty after shampoo.

  • 5.3oz.(150g): 3 to 6 times for small sized dog

    JPY 4,620 (Tax included)

  • 2.2lbs.(1kg): Up to 40 times for small sized dog

    JPY 25,300 (Tax included)