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Skin Butter – Intensive Care on Rough Skin

Made by Extra Antibacterial Herbal Essences and Pure Organic Coconut Oil & Sesame Oil.

Intensive care on rough skin

Use like an ointment. It can be used for caring damaged and dry paws, ear cleaning, stuffy and smelly wrinkles, and boils and bumps.

No use of any chemicals

Made with all-natural ingredients so it is safe for dogs and cats if they ingested it.

Used with Herb Pack:For Stubborn Dirt

It can be used as a safe cleansing oil when you want to remove tough dirt. Put Skin Butter then apply Herb Pack to effectively remove it.

  • 0.34oz.(10ml)
    JPY 1,980 (Tax included)
  • 0.68oz.(20ml)
    JPY 3,850 (Tax included)
  • 3.38oz.(100ml)
    JPY 15,400 (Tax included)