Natural animal care

Natural care products for pets.
Organic Herb Pack makes skin clean and healthy.

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Salons/ Retail Partners

Treat your pets with Animal Ayurveda Herb Pack

  • Providing Service that Makes a lot of Pet Owners Smile!
  • Choosing Safe Product that is Made especially for Pets!
  • Offering Effective and Safe Skin Care Service!

Animal Ayurveda Herb Pack is Pet Friendly Product

Keeping Pet’s Health and Beauty Fully Maintained!

It is Chosen by Salons and Vets who want to Offer
the Best Service to their Customers.

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Advertising Tools

We are providing advertising tool includes

● Posters
● Brochure
● Flier

*The design might change with the times
*These tools are sending via data format.

If you’re interested in getting these tools, please contact us freely. This service is limited to salons, vets and pet retail stores so we will ask for your info. when you requesting these tools.

Questions about our products

If you have any questions about our products or interested in becoming the distributor please send message through Contact Form or by Email.


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