Animal Ayurveda

Animal Ayurveda

eureka .CO.LTD, which was established in 2002, started developing products for pets based on the Ayurveda concept.

They had made researches and tests with animal hospitals, veterinary colleges and groomers in Japan, and then started selling “Animal Ayurveda Herb Pack” caring an entire body for the first time in the world.


The materials of this pack are selected carefully from the herb used for Ayurveda, which is effective for skin care, beauty care for fur, and insect repellent.
Animal Ayurveda is a full-body supplement pack that skin care and beauty care are possible in one degree at the same time.

Comittment to Ingredients: 100% organic materials

The herbs used in this treatment are certified 100% organic and recognized by Ecocert and other such renowned organic organizations in the world.

These materials use neither the synthesis and the chemistry fertilizers nor the insecticides.

The materials are safe to use on your pet’s face, even they can lick.

What is Herb Pack?

The ingredients of this herb pack will coat your pet’s fur strand by strand.
It also protects against ultraviolet rays and static electricity as well as give a glossy shine that protects against snarls. 
This pack strengthens fur from the root, keeping the fur fluffy and tangle-free.

☆ Keeps away tangles and snarls in fur

☆ Protects against static electricity and make it difficult for dirt to stick to fur

☆ Protects fur against the damage of ultraviolet rays

☆ Keeps volume for every style

☆ Fur stays fluffy yet smooth


Herb Pack: 3 kinds of Herb Packs

Beauty & Health Herb Pack
Skin Health HerbPack
Moisture Health Herb Pack

Animal Ayurveda Oil

Based on sesame oil with rich Vitamin E, it contains herb essence that has high detergent effect.