10 min. Treatment

Directions of Herb Pack



1. Making the herb paste

・Put warm water into bottle first.


・then put herb powder and beauty oil into the shaker.


・Close the lit tightly and shake the container about 10 - 20 times.


・Leave the mixed paste 10 min. for better absorbtion.


The cart is for reference.

The useage amount depends on the type and length of hair.
For types with long and large amount of hair, it is recommended to make a looser paste by adding more warm water than usual.

Recommended amount of warm water : 6-8 times of the herb for Skin Health, 8-10 times for Moisture Herb.

For Beauty Oil, if your pet has very dry skin, add twice more than normal usage amount.

2. Before application

・While leaving the mixture to blend, brush out tangled and snarled hair.

Brush out carefully around toes, ears and armpit area that is easy to have tangles.

Cleaning hair means saving the paste.

Herb paste works into hair, if the tangle remains the herbal paste don't go into the skin also it will cause color remaining.


・Get your pet wet well in warm water.

・Shampoo once before applying the paste. Wash carefully oily parts such as around ears, airmpits and toes.

・Check the consistency of the paste.

The paste should be soft as to be able to write a letter when you drop it.

3. Application

・Separate your pet’ s hair so that the skin is exposed and apply the paste so it covers the skin, working it down to the hair.


・Make sure the mixture is distributed evenly to all parts of the hair and skin.


・Apply to the face. If you have a Pug or Bull Dog, make sure to apply the paste into the dog’ s wrinkled areas as well.

・Massage softly for 1 to 2 minutes after application.



・If the paste isn't applied to skin, sebun dirt won't be cleaned and its effect will decrease by half. Apply the paste to skin pushing hair aside.

・The paste is safe enough to lick, so it's suited to apply to face.

・Do not brush or rub your pet’s hair too much after application. It can hurt your pet’s hair as well as cause snarls in its fur.

・You don’t have to leave your pet for long time after applying.

4. Washing & Drying

・Put your pet covering with the herb paste in a bucket or any container that can soak the whole body.


・Pour warm water with shower. Wash off the herb paste with gently rubbing and massaging in the water filled-bucket.


・Brushing teeth with herb paste.


・ Pour away the warm water and add shampoo in the bucket, pour the warm water by shower and foam the shampoo.

・ Wash off rest of the herb paste on the body completely by easy and gentle shampoo.

・Reccomended to use conditioner.

・After drying with a towel, make sure to completely dry your pet’s hair and skin with a hair dryer.
Treatment complete!!

The pet’s fur will dry easily because the herbs remove the sebum oil well.
Due to standing fur from the root, the cutting time will be shortened.