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Natural care products for pets.
Organic Herb Pack makes skin clean and healthy.

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Concept of Animal Ayurveda

To your pets’ Health and Wellbeing

Animal Ayurveda Herb Pack is a natural product that was researched and developed for pets based on the principle of “Ayurveda” which is the oldest holistic care system with 5000 years of history.
By blessing of nature, our 100% natural Herb Pack keeps pet’s health and beauty fully maintained.

Our Commitment

“To Your Pets’ Health and Wellbeing”

With our strong faith in pets’ healthy life and wellbeing, Animal Ayurveda Herb Pack was produced in 2008 in Japan.

Now, it is used for natural skin and hair care treatment more than 2500 grooming salons and vets as their add on service in Japan. Moreover, it is used in over 20 counties and is continuing to spread other counties!

We will continue to stay together with pet parents and furry friends, providing safe and effective skin care products.