Skin Butter


made by Extra antibacterial herb essence and pure organic coconut oil.


Intensive care for the rought skin


How to Use ?: It is like an ointment


  • For paw care: Add a small quantity to the demaged pads and softly familiarize to the skin.
  • For stuffy skin: Apply 2 or 3 time of a day on the worried points.
  • For the care of ears: Wipe the inside of the ear after cleaning, with cotton soaked in Skin Butter.
  • For between wrinkles: Add a small quantity between wrinkles of the face & body that tend to be stuffy and caused of pesky odor
  • With Herb Pack: After pasting Skin Butter on the pesky dirt or roughskin, apply the herb pack on the butter and wash out.


0.34oz.(10ml) JPY1,800 (JPY1,944)

0.68oz.(20ml) JPY3,500 (JPY3,780)

3.38oz.(100ml) JPY14,000 (JPY15,120)