The Causes and The Solutions of remain of herb

When the following conditions occur at the same time, the herb may be left on the body.

1.The herb mixture is too thick.

Make the mixture with warm water 7 to 9 times of the herb powder for Beauty, 6 to 8 times for Skin Health and about 8 to10 times for Moisture. It is hard to wash off if the paste is too thick.

2. Applying to tangled hair.

If you apply the paste to hair with tangles, it's difficult to wash it off because it goes into the back of tangles.

3.The leaving time is too long.

It is enogh to wash off the paste 1 to 2 minutes after applying. Only in the case of pesky odor and oily skin, the paste should be left for 5 to 10 minutes.

4.Adsorption to sebum oil.

The herb paste has a property to adhere to sebum dirt. Please use shampoo before the pack. Cleaning up oily parts(such as around ears, armpits, and toes) only by shampoo also helps to wash off the herb paste easily.

5.The shower is not strong enough to wash off the paste.

Please wash off the paste by gently rubbing and massaging in a bucket filled with warm water.