Animal Ayurveda Products

Beauty & Health Herb Pack


Shiny coat and volume


It focuses on the beauty of the finish.
This type is recommended when you want to prevent tangles to keep the trimming style prettye and keep the skin healthy and finish beautifully.


5.3oz. (150g) JPY3,800 (JPY4,180)

2.2lbs. (1kg) JPY20,000 (JPY22,000)

Skin Health Herb Pack


For pesky odor and oily skin

It focuses on the maintenance of the skin.
It contains the highest amount of Neem herb. This pack works well when the pet has pesky odor and oily skin. Also, it is the best choice for sensitively rough skin.



5.3oz. (150g) JPY3,800 (JPY4,180)

2.2lbs. (1kg) JPY20,000 (JPY22,000)

Moisture Health Herb Pack


Moisturizing skin and hair

It focused on the moisure.
Aloe-vela give rich moisture. It works well for dry hair and skin, cooling down of sunburned skin, and make stiff hair soften the texture.



5.3oz. (150g) JPY4,200 (JPY4,620)

2.2lbs. (1kg) JPY23,000 (JPY25,300)


Beauty Oil


Based on sesame oil with rich Vitamin E, it contains herb essence that has high detergent effect.

Increase moisturizing effect

Make well-organized finish and shining coat

How to use?: Use with Herbal paste


  • To gain the expanse of the hair and to make the well-organized finish.
  • Recommended for long-haired Dogs
  • To stop dandruff and itchy occurred by dry skin.
  • To let the effect of the pack last longer.
  • To regain luster of the hair as in the past for aged pets.

0.68oz.(20ml) JPY1,700 (JPY1,870)

3.38oz.(100ml)JPY3,500 (JPY3,850)

16.9oz.(500ml) JPY14,000 (JPY15,400)

Skin Butter



made by Extra antibacterial herb essence and pure organic coconut oil.


Intensive care for the rought skin


How to Use ?: It is like an ointment


  • For paw care: Add a small quantity to the demaged pads and softly familiarize to the skin.
  • For stuffy skin: Apply 2 or 3 time of a day on the worried points.
  • For the care of ears: Wipe the inside of the ear after cleaning, with cotton soaked in Skin Butter.
  • For between wrinkles: Add a small quantity between wrinkles of the face & body that tend to be stuffy and caused of pesky odor
  • With Herb Pack: After pasting Skin Butter on the pesky dirt or roughskin, apply the herb pack on the butter and wash out.


0.34oz.(10ml) JPY1,800 (JPY1,980)

0.68oz.(20ml) JPY3,500 (JPY3,850)

3.38oz.(100ml) JPY14,000 (JPY15,400)

Trial Kit


One time trial set for small sized dog
which contains 1.76 oz.(50g) of herb pawder and
0.16 fl.oz. (5ml) Beauty Oil.


-The "small-sized dog" here means a dog of 11Lb. (5kg) in weight.

- The Moisure Trial Kit is without Beauty Oil


Beauty Trial kit 1.76 oz. + 1.06 fl.oz.(50g) JPY1,648 (JPY1,813)

Doctor's Trial kit 1.76 oz. + 1.06 fl.oz.(50g) JPY1,648 (JPY1,813)

Moisture Trial kit 1.76 oz. (50g) JPY1,800 (JPY1,980)