Clean with One Use!!


4 years old Shih Tzu
Expanded 200 times

Tough dirt can be hard to wash out evern after shampoo...
He had shampoo 2 weeks before taking this picture.



For Skin

  • Remove Pesky Odor
  • Remove excess Oil
  • Moisturizing skin

Too much dirt, dead skin, scurf and sebum encourage the production of bacterica
which cause the skin troubles and pesky odor.


When you appying the Hebal Paste…


The herb paste absorbs and removes these dirt by soft peeling effect.

keeping the pet's skin healthy

eliminating pesky odor in one treatment


For Hair

  • Fluffy and Volumize
  • Detangle
  • Reduce Static




The ingredients of herb pack will coat your pet’s hair strand by strand making difficult for dirt to stick their hair.

It also protects against ultraviolet rays and static electricity as well as give a glossy shine that protects against snarls. 

This pack strengthens pet's hair from the root styaing their hair fulffy yet smooth for every style!



Published in US Academic Journal


Background: Application of herbal paste and oil is highly appreciated by users in Japan, claiming that the treatment makes the coat shinier, improves volume and eliminates tangles.

Result: Hair treated by herbal paste had an almost third-fold higher TG content even after shamping.

You can look up full document in online.